About Maeve

This blog is an opportunity to share what I know about playfulness, with lots of ideas for making our days full of play in small and large ways.

This is not intended to be a parents-of-little-kiddos space. While we can gain a lot from kidtime, there are already plenty of blogs and Pinterest boards for that. This is intended to be an adult resource with grown-up play ideas. Adult Play. Very funny – No, I won’t be selling sex toys or pushing X-rated products. Fun with our bodies may be a worthwhile topic down the road, but mostly this blog will offer wholesome, winsome ways to while away your week.

My ideas come from my professional and personal background and experiences. I have a Masters in elementary education and have worked in museums, a zoo, online, and in schools. Equally significant is my time spent as a wife, a friend, a hiker, a writer, a book club member, a theatregoer, an organizer of parties and camping trips, a Facebook fan, a dance enthusiast, a mom, and a daughter. I’m not particularly gregarious or silly, spontaneous or crafty. You don’t have to be either. I like people, and I feel a whole lot better when I’m having fun.

As a child and as an adult, I remember most fondly the times I got to play, to be playful, to goof off, and to have fun, whether it was with my friends, my family or my co-workers. The times when I could work or learn AND have fun were the absolute best! On the other hand, I am well aware that the times of deep sadness and great difficulty have also been the most bereft of play. Not only because of the crisis or loss either. At the times we most need it, we often have the least access to the very acts we need. No laughing, no bouncy balls, no hugging, no bubbles, no music, no legos, no smiles.

Many folks are fond of saying that life is too short to waste it or suffer. True enough, but in my view, Life is a Long Haul, so let’s at least play around on the way.

By the way, my name is Maeve, rhymes with wave, like the ocean or a hand saying hello. I welcome your comments and experiences of playfulness too.

I leave you with a quote.

“Play energizes us and enlivens us.
It eases our burdens. It renews
our natural sense of optimism and
opens us up to new possibilities.”

-Stuart Brown, MD
Contemporary American psychiatrist

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