Making the Most of Winter

Making the Most of Winter

A new twist to Cocktail Hour

I live in the North, but with Climate Change, that makes little difference. There is the possibility of snow everywhere, right? The natural challenges may make you feel limited to only inside options for playtime, but if winter is to go on for months and months, embracing the outdoors is best. Take charge of the situation.

I highly suggest a little planning ahead. That is, make the work of snow removal serve double duty. Shovel your driveway into a central area and use the snow to make fort walls. If a plow has pushed snow into a huge pile, make that the base of your SnowDragon. Shovel your steps each day onto the same pile and in a few days, you will have a lovely snow column to carve. While you clear the snow, daydream about what it could become. Once I scuplted a small sea turtle on the hood of my car, which froze in place and then melted and “swam” away on the highway a few days later.

Kids certainly help with the labor, but adults are pretty savvy when left to their own devices. We invited a few neighbors over to enjoy drinks on the Satuday evening after we created the low fort shown. Our guests were full of compliments, and added some flourishes and accoutrements of their own including glass holders dug into the walls..

With a good dumping, you can create all kinds of shapes, structures, creatures, and whimsy.

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